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  • The below mentioned terms and conditions of use (in short "TERMS") which constitutes a legally binding agreement between you and TEJASVI SERVICES (in short mentioned hereinafter as "TS Company") regarding the use of the website www.gurujiproperty.com (the "WEB SITE") by you, and any of its’ services offered by the “TS Company” any contents displayed through its ‘web site’, and / or any mobile, Tablet, Phablet or any other electronic device (in short "SERVICE").
  • Your above said use of the ‘WEB SITE’ and the services, implements, and tools shall be governed by the below mentioned ‘Terms’ as amended from time to time including the policies as mentioned and amended in future, however the following terms are given as hereunder. By the bare use (includes view with or without any download) of ‘WEB SITE’, You shall be contracting with TEJASVI SERVICES, the owner of this online Advertisement Platform (i.e. . These terms and conditions including the policies as hereinafter mentioned create binding obligations on you in favor of Tejasvi Services/ Gurujiproperty.com. Thus when through website you view any information disseminated on it be it Product reviews, invitation to offer by advertisers or otherwise, You will be subject the terms conditions, policies and applicable laws as applicable to the service of the ‘WEB SITE’ which shall constitute part of the terms.
  • Defined Terms:

    Unless otherwise specified, the capitalized words shall have the meanings as defined herein below:

  • "Agreement" shall include the complete form submitted with its attachments and the terms and conditions mentioned herein. This agreement shall be deemed to be executed at Delhi, where the administration management of the WEB SITE is undertaken. The acceptance shall be deemed to be communicated at Delhi.
  • "TS Company": refers to the Owner of the WEB SITE (i.e. WWW.Gurujiproperty.com ) i.e. Tejasvi Services which is referred in this agreement as TS Company in short, which has it’s Head OFFICE AT DELHI C-37-A Hari Nagar, Clock Tower, New Delhi-110064.
  • "Date of Commencement of service" means the date indicating the acceptance of the application by the User to the service.
  • "Date of Termination of service" means the date of expiry mentioned in the notice or/and the letter of termination.
  • "Registration information" is the information database of all the particulars and information supplied by the User on initial application and subscription, which includes the personal particulars such as name of applicant/user, telephone no. email mail address, address.
  • "User" is defined as an individual, firm,company and the signatory to the application whose particulars are mentioned in the application form which includes the permitted Assignees/ authorized persons who individually or jointly accesses the services of the Web Site rendered by TS Company.

Legal Disability Clause:

You by agreeing the Terms /agreement of this Web Site represent to the TS Company that you are adult and is not suffering from any mental disease and are adult i.e. above 18 years of age and has the capability of giving your consent.

Whereas the individuals who are below 18 years of agre are doing under the able guidance of Legal Guardian, Parent who are capable of entering into the agreement and comply with its terms stated herein. You agree and undertake to fill the correct and complete information asked for in the application form for registration, which include not only the name address, residential address age email address etc., but also other particulars asked in it.

Subscription charges

The subscription charges shall be charged by the company as per the leads bought by you and the prepaid account in your credit shall be accordingly debited on your purchases.

  • In respect of the premium services i.e. of the high value leads, you shall be liable to pay combo of fixed charges as well as per lead charges as revised from time to time by the company at its sole discretion and according to their policy. The company may also as per their policy may revise the high value leads from time to time which shall be notified on the web site.
  • Payment & Refund clause

    1. For all premium services bought, (i.e. High Value leads) 50% of the fixed charges would be towards the activation/administration fees & the rest 50% would be refunded on pro-rata basis, considering the usages of the services and balance standing in their prepaid account. User/Customer gives its consent that the refund process may take at least three weeks i.e. 21 days at least after the user/customer submits complete documentation to the Accounting/Finance division for the processing of the refund.
    2. In case the user disputes the same for any reason whatsoever, he shall first, make the payment towards the demand/dues subject to the decision of the Company on the dispute. If the TS Company decides the dispute in favor of consumer/users –then the TS Company shall refund the amount as determined without any interest.
    3. If in case there is any delay in the payment by the user then the TS Company shall charge the interest on the outstanding dues for the delayed period.

    Cancellation clause

    1. TS Company reserves its right to cancel, remove any content whatsoever from being published/ shown on the website. The cancellation charges payable to the User shall be at the applicable rates laid down in the Payment and refund clause.

    Prohibitions for Users of Service

    • All the users are responsible to post the complete, correct data of their product and services, if any third party, user or TS Company suffers due to such false information, misrepresentation etc, then such wrong doer shall indemnify the person who suffered such loss, costs or damages.
    • User shall not allow any person other than the authorized person(s) named in the application form to use the Service of ‘Website’.
    • The User shall not with the help of any software, virus, spam, robot, malware or any harmful component etc., attempt to compromise the safety, security and virginity, purity, capability and functioning of the website or any other hyperlinked microsites/or third party websites linked to the www.gurujiproperty.com.
    • The User shall not resell or assign rights or obligations under these Terms & Conditions to anyone.
    • The User shall use the Service only for the purpose for which it is subscribed.
    • The User shall not copy, print, download, delete, change, or amend any data or personal information posted by any User on Site except the data and information posted by the User himself/herself.
    • The User shall not post anything which has propensity to cause any communal, racial, religious, sexual disharmony or prejudices in the society, and or otherwise considered immoral and against the laws and public policy of India.
    • The User shall not post any defamatory material or cause any threat, harassment to any section of society, person, country etc.
    • The User shall not misuse or infringe intellectual property rights of any corporation, organization or person.
    • In case the User violates any of the prohibitions contained above the TS Company shall take recourse to all legal remedies as available inlaw including initiation of civil, criminal action against the user.
    • User shall not make any unauthorized commercial use of the Service.
    • User shall not advertise any other persons’ product or services over the space provided to the user for itself alone.
    • The User shall be duty bound strictly to comply with all laws applicable in India relating to services and shall comply with any rules regulations directions, instructions of the Ministries, authorities of Government of India and or of states, Parliament Of India, and or courts of India.
    • The Contents posted which may include the views of invitees, which may be their individual opinion may be inaccurate, the Users must act diligently and take the proper professional advice, the TS Company do noy vouch for the correctness of the quotes, opinions of the real estate agents or invitees, thus the users to act verify and take the professional advice before acting or entering in any deal. The users may also verify the credentials, sanctions, representations of any advertiser, approvals which any Projects have or not, users to do the necessary verification for the claims of the advertisers, the TS Company does not withstand for any correctness of the claims of any advertiser and shall not be liable for any loss incurred by any third party or user due to any misrepresentation, fraud or false data, advertisement posted by any advertiser.


    • User undertakes that he/she shall use only his own user identification for the usage to the Web site.
    • The User shall not use any malware, software so as to download/extract any content exhibited on the Website automatically from WWW.Gurujiproperty.com database without prior consent from TS Company in writing.
    • If case of loss/theft/ misplaced user identification, password or the security word, it shall be reported/notified to the ‘TS Company’ without any delay. The User shall remain liable for any misuse by any third party intervention or access into the website and user shall remain liable for it to the ‘TS Company’.
    • The user undertakes not to disclose his user name and password to any one.
    • The Personal identification, such as password or username shall not be disclosed or used by the organization’s employee or person not named by the customer to the TS Company. The user/organisation shall be solely responsible for the security of username and password for access to website.
    • It is consented by the consumer that he shall not get the right over mailbox number , the, the Company reserves the right to change or/and re-assign the same to the User, at its sole discretion without being liable to the User for any kind of damages,relief or any legal consequences whatsoever.
    • The Website has the Payment Gateways connected which is a secure and protected. The Financial Card details are not received by the TS Company/site in any way. The information is supplied to the respective payment Gateway directly by the user, which Payment Gateway has authority to handle it.


    • That customer shall provide complete, correct, accurate data during the registration process on the initial application for the access to the website.
    • The data filled by the User may be subject to the verification by the TS Company.
    • User at his own costs has the requisite approvals, consultations, advice, sanctions, licenses, permissions or other rights for using the service.
    • The User shall respond and comply with, without any delay to the notices, demand, instructions etc. rendered by TS Company to enable them for un-interrupted service of website.
    • The User shall be liable for the taxes/costs as applicable, by the laws.
    • The User in addition to the person have access to the service with the identification of user shall be responsible for all the activities that occur on the use of the user name and password.
    • The User undertake to inform any misuse or unauthorized use of his username and password to the TS Company immediately without any delay, and that he shall logout from his user’s account at the end of each session with the Website.
    • The User shall be liable for the taxes/costs as applicable, by the laws.
    • The User in addition to the person have access to the service with the identification of user shall be responsible for all the activities that occur on the use of the user name and password.
    • The User undertake to inform any misuse or unauthorized use of his username and password to the TS Company immediately without any delay, and that he shall logout from his user’s account at the end of each session with the Website.
    • The User shall pay the fees and charges due towards TS Company promptly and timely.
    • User understands and agrees that the Online advertisements placed at WWW.GURUJIPROPERTY.COM might be reflected after 48 hours and agrees to the stipulated 48 hours processing.
    • The User knows and consents that the data furnished into the website may be saved, used for commercial purposes by TS Company in their discretion.
    • The User consents that he has given an irrevocable license without any fee to exercise all the trademark or copyright rights in any media on the data furnished on the listing/advertisement/application form etc. But which shall not include financial credit/debit card or bank account particulars etc. The user consents that the data furnished as excepted hereinabove, can be used for any research work or commercially exploited by the TS Company and, the User shall furnish all the data to the TS Company in the application for or on the listings, advertisements etc. which are correct, accurate and complete information without any misstatement.
    • The User will indemnify Tejasvi Sevices (TS Company) for bearing any costs, damages, losses, or any action, claim suffered/ born/incurred by the TS Company on account of any claim from any third party on account of any information posted on the Website by the user’s account.
    • The User shall be solely responsible for any inaccuracy of data be it false, incorrect, misleading, overstatement, false etc. put on the website from the user’s account. The User shall be fully responsible for any civil or criminal liability. The TS Company shall from time to time, to maintain, the purity of the system shall remove, the false/ wrong or, objectionable data from the account of the user in the website. The user undertakes to remove such data immediately.

    Rights on Data collected from users

    The User consents and agrees that the TS Company shall have the irrevocable authority to use their data in the following manner:

    • TS Company shall have the related intellectual property rights to the Services of posted on website which may include listings, particulars of Users, and/or any information posted on the website for the service. All such contents including intellectual property rights on the website; be it particulars, contents of Users, or any material so posted, shall be sole and exclusive property of the TS Company, and the User shall have no claims to the same.
    • The TS Company shall have right to use such data base information for its commercial exploitation, or for research work, or for its use in any market, economic, analysis or of its use by its associated/partner companies, employees, outside agencies, professionals etc. The users consent for such transfer and use of the data.
    • TS Company shall use such data/information irrespective of any suspension or termination of any agreement with the particular user, such data shall be exclusive property of the TS Company and it may save, record and maintain in data bases of the TS Company.
    • It is also understood and agreed by the users that the furnishing of mobile phone on the website at the time of registration of the user profile or account, User consents that The TS Company and or its partner company, vendors, sub vendors may send alerts, SMS, Whattsup or send promotional call on your mobile no., nonetheless, whether they have enlisted it on the Do Not Call/DNC list or any other such data base. If, the user does not want to receive these messages, calls, whattsup on mobile number, then they may submit their request to WWW.gurujiproperty.com.

    Intellectual Property Rights OF TS Company

    No User shall have any right to use until given in writing by the TS Company, any Trade Mark, logo, Brand Name , Domain name, listings, opinions, Information etc published on the website shall be exclusive property of the TS Company. Any design logo or information created , developed on the website shall be exclusive property of the TS Company.

    Alteration and amendment of Terms and Conditions

    • TS Company shall have exclusive right to amend vary, alter any terms and conditions from time to time, without any notice to the users, The users may check the terms and conditions before use every time they open the website.

    Withdrawal / amendment in the service

    • The ‘TS Company’ reserves the unilateral right any time to alter/ add withdraw any component, feature of the service any time without any prior notice to the user. The Paid user may claim for the proportionate refund for the remaining period as per the Payment and Refund Policy Clause. In case of alteration/withdrawal of service the ‘TS Company’ shall not be liable for any action, damages to third party or users of the Web Site.

    Repair & Maintenance Of Website

    • The TS Company, may in its sole discretion may without notice,and without citing any reason, any time, to maintain the purity and efficiency of service may vary suspend, deactivate any component type of service may add to, upgrade or delete any feature of such service or withdrawal of any kind/nature/part of service.
    • The TS Company in doing so, shall not be liable for any loss, damage suffered due to variation, deletion, upgradation or change in any feature of service or withdrawal of service, It shall also not be liable for any loss incurred suffered, damages or loss of profit or any claim compensation etc, for closure of website for such maintenance, suspension of services etc.

    Third party Web site through links and resources in Our Website

    The links, hyperlinks, websites connected with the advertisers/users of our website may take the users to third party website, which TS Company has no control over it. Thus the Users travelling to such third party website should be themselves be responsible to visit the said site and in no way TS Company shall be responsible for any loss damage suffered on account of any impurity of such third part website.

    Infringement of Terms & Conditions by Users

    If the user violates any terms and conditions as mentioned hereinabove, TS Company shall have all legal remedies as available in law to them, including the termination, discontinuation of the account of the defaulter user. The TS Company in case of any offense or any illegal activity done by the user on the website, TS Company shall initiate all appropriate legal action and shall also cooperate with the investigating agency investigating into such illegal activities done by user or outside third party, in this regard the TS Company reserves its right to share all and any details, particulars of the Users with the Investigation Agency and for that the Users shall not have any legal action for any loss, damage compensation or claim whatsoever against TS Company.

    Suspension of Service

    • In case of premium service if any such user did not pay the dues, TS Company may without prejudice to any other rights or remedies that may be available to it suspend the Service provided to the User.
    • When the Services to the user are suspended it shall be deemd to be terminated, until the user pays the reconnection charges and the due outstanding, upon such payment of reconnection charges and outstanding dues, the services shall be restored.

    Termination Clause

    • Either party (Users having the premium service with fixed charges) to this agreement may terminate this Agreement by giving prior notice of 30 days in writing.
    • It shall be on the discretion of the Company that the period of notice of 30 days may be waived or a shorter period of notice may be accepted in writing from the User.
    • However, nonetheless, as stated hereinabove the TS Company without any prior notice may terminate the agreement without citing any reasons If, 1. The User has adopted any practices which compromises the purity, efficiency of the Website by adoption of any malware, spam or corrupt software to hack or corrupt the files of website or make it slow etc. or any other act deed or thing which was mentioned in prohibitions, 2. And if TS Company receives any Government order, court order or any directive by court tribunal or authority, the services shall be immediately be terminated of such user.
    • If the User has attained any disability on eligibility such as he has become insolvent or declared bankrupt or works or prejudices against the interest of the TS Company.
    • TS Company shall not be liable for any loss, damages, loss of profit or any financial loss or suffering or loss, claim, compensation in lieu of any suffering, any deficiency of service for such termination of agreement/service of user, be it loss or damage suffered by any third party related to or unrelated to the user.

    TS Company reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time, or/and to remove any listings, Advertisements without notice and without citing any reasons.

    Personal Information

    Your submission of personal information through this Site is governed by our Privacy Policy.

    RERA Disclaimer

    TS Company does not warranty or guarantee the compliance of the RERA Act by the advertisers, real Estate Agents and projects owners, It is however, the bounden duty of the Builders, Real Estate Agents project Developers to get their project registered under the relevant rules and regulation and keep complying its project within the rules and regulatuions and follow the same earnestly, TS Company nowhere vouches for any claim of any advertiser being,or not being, the RERA Compliant and/or the correctness of the particulars of RERA registration, certification. Thus the Users before any deal or entering into any transaction with them need to very and check such RERA Compliance and also check the earlier satisfactory completion of project and their track record and if deem suitable by them, also take suitable professional advise about the viability of project if it complies with any other application laws and local laws e.g. heritage laws, wildlife and sanctuaries Act, Environmental laws , local municipal laws etc. Thus the Users need to check the viability, correctness, legality of project own his own at his own costs-TS Company shall not be responsible for any misstatement, promise, error contained in the advertiser column by the Advertiser.


    • It is agreed and consented that the User shall browse the Website at his sole risks, The service do not guarantee the dissemination of information to the user useful,or beneficial to him. The TS Company makes no assurance for meeting any requisite or accuracy of any information, but intends to supply the information on the basis on providing on the basis of as available basis’. The Website of TS Company (www.Gurujiproperty.com) is the advertisement portal and makes available the space belonging to the real estate professionals, dealers, landlords, project owners etc. TS Company in no way does not warranty the usefulness, sufficiency, correctness or completeness of the information available be it listings, advertisements, leads, advises, surveys etc. The users need to verify and take the requisite advice of the professionals before accepting the information/ advertisement or claim by any advertiser etc.
    • Web site is prone and vulnerable to interception, tampering, viruses,spam,corruption of data, attacks, as well as delivery errors, TS Company shall not be liable for any such consequence thereof, TS Company may need to keep it under maintenance and thus may suspend the services for some time, thus TS Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage or for any deficiency of service in this regard. It is also prone to be intervened by any third party website which might itself suffer such malfunction or it might effect through that, TS Company shall not be liable for either case.
    • TS Company donot warranty for any benefit for booking any advertisement space on the website.
    • TS Company shall not be liable for any third party misrepresentation or on account of any such false promises or misrepresentation or inaccuracy of undertaking by any advertiser, users may deal with them after verifying the correctness of the claims made by the advertiser and if need be may take any advise from professionals at their costs, in no way TS Company shall be liable for any loss suffered by either user or third party, in this regard.
    • TS Company receive the information in good faith from the users, if any information is incorrect TS Company shall not be liable for it for any loss suffered by any one.
    • The User shall abide by all the applicable relevant rules regulations, directives of authorities etc. the TS Company shall not be liable in any manner, for default of any nature regarding the same, by the User.
    • In case a user/visitor to the portal is desirous of conducting a project site visit of the property he/it is interested in, it shall be the sole liability and duty of the Advertiser to arrange for such project site visits. The Company does not arrange or involved in any manner the arrangement shall be of the project owner so TS Company shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any loss , damages costs on such failure of arranging the tour by the Advertiser/project owner.
    • The TS Company's maximum liability under this agreement (whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, shall be limited to the amount of fees /charges paid by the user to the company's site for the period immediately one month preceding the incident which gives to such claim.
    • TS Company shall not be responsible for personal views, advise or suggestions rendered by the invitee/expert. The TS Company do not vouch for the correctness or sufficiency or reliability of such information. The said views may be the individual expectation or views the TS Company does not stand or vouch for its correctness. The suggestion views or advises may got be examined by the user from professionals at their own costs, before acting on it. TS Company shall not be liable for any loss suffered by any user or third party on account of the personal speculation of the invitee/expert.
    • TS Company makes available an advertising portal for the information of the public for the realty development and provides the advertisement space to the advertisers. In no way TS Company recommendes or withstands for the credibility or correctness of any information or cliam by any advertiser. The Users may be dealing or entering into the transaction only after proper independent verification and TS Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered due to any misstatement or failure of advertiser for its commitment. The Users shall not make TS Company party to the proceedings on dispute between them inter-se, and also will not claim any damage, loss, compensation or loss from the TS Company, failing which the User shall indemnify all the litigation costs suffered on account of making TS Company or its successor the party.

    Limits of Liability

    • User consents and agrees that TS Company it’s employees, officers shall not be liable for any loss damage, costs incurred, on account of any of the components of service rendered by the TS Company for the use of any information contained in www.gurujiproperty.com either by the advertiser, third part website or any other User., leads provided, or messages, calls to users or any correctness or incorrectness of any such information or on account of any data theft, malware, spam, damage of any electronic gazette, computer system or any other equipment, hardware corruption of software etc; due to any infection of virus, spam or dangerous implement occasioned by website login, be it by any reason of use non-use due to suspension/termination of agreement, whatsoever, in case of such loss, the TS Company shall not be liable for any such loss or damage to the users, advertisers/ third party/guest visitor etc.
    • User further agrees that TS Company shall not be liable for any misstatement, inaccuracy, error, omission, false misrepresentation, failure of commitments by advertisers/third parties web site owners/project owners, overcharging by advertisers, erroneous, wrong views of invitees, experts, advertisers, project owners or third party web site owners etc.
    • User agrees that TS Company shall not be liable for any charges costs expenses to the internet service provider for paying any downloading charges to the third party, any payment made by User for purchasing Internet, broadband charges, ISP connection costs, etc., which are to be borne by user only.

    Amendment to agreement Exclusive right of TS Company

    Ts Company reserves its right to change, vary, alter any part of agreement; and, User shall verify and go through the Agreement/terms, each time it browses the Web site (i.e. WWW.GURUJIPROPERTY.COM , and if any terms is not acceptable, user may not use the web site.


    • The TS Company service provider is an Indian entity based in India, running its administration and operations from Delhi, India, and it is agreed by the Users, that the laws of India shall be followed, and the courts of Delhi, shall have exclusive jurisdiction; if, in case of any dispute between the users, and the TS Company.
    • The User further agrees and acknowledges that nonetheless of any statute or limitation contained in any statute with respect of any cause of action, the cause of action shall not be stretched beyond 30 days of it being arisen. Thereafter no proceedings shall lie in any court of law and thereafter it shall be barred forever.

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